Billabong Zoo prides itself on being Ambassadors for Wildlife and is an advocate for ‘Conservation through Education’. 

We use our ‘voice’ via our website, social media, schools programme and visitor Zoo Keeper talks to highlight the plight of animals, especially those on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Billabong Zoo cares for 10 ambassador animal species sadly on the Red List. We regularly highlight the plight of a particular species and promote the work of organisations doing great work to save and protect threatened species.

Who we support

The Snow Leopard Trust

Helen Freeman founded the Snow Leopard Trust in 1981. She embarked on a life-long quest to help these remarkable cats, and the Snow Leopard Trust was created to prevent the extinction of the endangered snow leopard in the wild.

Snow leopards live in vast home ranges - some cats have been known to use up to 1,000 square kilometres. While it is important to secure their key habitats through Protected Areas, it simply isn't enough.

To protect these endangered cats, we need to work at a larger landscape level, and find ways for snow leopards to coexist with the people sharing their habitat. This is the focus of the Snow Leopard Trust’s conservation approach.

Many of the families living in snow leopard habitat are herders who live on less than $2 per day and depend on their livestock for food and income. The snow leopard occasionally attacks and kills livestock, and members of these low-income communities sometimes resort to retaliation killings or poaching of snow leopards to protect their herds of livestock or earn extra money.

Their community-based conservation programs aim to break this cycle of poverty and create incentives for herders to protect local wildlife and ecosystems.

Billabong Zoo supports the Snow Leopard Trust by donating to their research in the field and buying products made by the villages to support them and in turn protecting the local wildlife.

If you would like to support our Ambassador Snow Leopard program, please donate here.