Eastern Long Neck Turtle Chelodina longicollis

Also known as the Snake-necked turtle, due to its long snake like neck. It is found throughout Eastern Australian waterways, inhabiting swamps, lagoons, slow moving rivers and creeks and dams. It can often be discovered wandering, at times seeming great distances from a water source, and can often be hit by cars when wandering on or across roads. Many have also given this turtle the name “little stinker”, As it will release a pungent fluid when handled as a form of self defence.

Macquarie Short neck Turtle Emydura macquarii

Found throughout the Sydney Basin, Murray/Darling drainage system, and inhabits the rivers, creeks and lagoons that branch throughout these water catchments. The species is separated into a number of sub-species throughout the major river systems and catchments along Eastern Australia and varies in size and colouration, with the Macquarie river turtle being the largest at a shell size of around 35cm, and the Macleay river turtle being the smallest at around 18-20cm shell size


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