At Billabong Zoo, we want all our clients to have an enjoyable and memorable experience.  

Accessibility is important to us and we are continually making changes and improvements to ensure everyone has a great time at our Zoo.

See our list below:

  • Disabled Parking at the Zoo entrance.
  • Low entry counter section.
  • Disability toilet/ wide toilet entry.
  • Spacious walk through main building.
  • Lowered and accessible cafe counter and seating.
  • Cafe menu available in Braille.
  • Ramps  and lowered viewing glass on many enclosures.
  • Seating around the Zoo.
  • Companion cardholders are welcome.
  • Companion animals are permitted in The Meeting Point Cafe and gift shop only as we are unable to accept companion animals in the zoo due to quarantine and animal safety interaction reasons.

We acknowledge that there are many disabilities including visible and invisible and we want to accommodate you and improve your experience with us.  If you have any questions, please call us before your visit so that we can advise you on 6585 1060.