Adopt a Koala - Why?

With the recent nationwide impact of Bushfires across the country, a lot of our iconic Australian wildlife is now without homes, food and water sources, habitat and perhaps family.

One of the biggest impacts has been on the Koala population, who were already approaching the endangered listings. The horrific devastation has depleted their numbers and even more vulnerable than ever, with little habitat, food supply, protection from predators, medical care and fewer viable mates for breeding.

Funding is needed to help with the increasing costs of providing new homes, food, medical care, future food resources, disease and health management and of course ensure we have a happy, healthy boy and girl Koalas to make it happen.

What do I get?

In appreciation for your generosity, all of our wonderful Adopter’s will receive an eAdoption pack, once again, keeping the environment front of mind and minimising the impact on forests and tress, which make both homes and food sources for Koalas.

In your Adoption ePack, you will receive:

  1. Photo and Bio of your chosen Koala
  2. Certificate of Adoption 
  3. A paw print  of your chosen koala
  4. Subscription to our quarterly Newsletter

PLUS the great feeling of knowing your contribution goes directly to help our Koala Breeding Program, which makes you integral to the future of our Koalas and your involvement may also be an inspiration for others to join the campaign.

Why Billabong Zoo?

Good question. One we are proud to support with our outstanding history and World Renowned Breeding Centre, which just celebrated 25 years of successful breeding some of Australia’s strongest and healthiest Koalas. So we know what we are doing and we are looking to do it even better and bigger. We don’t need consultations or planning meets to chew up the money, we have an established program, so you can be assured your money is going straight into action.

We know we will be welcoming many new koala joeys in the coming years – how many depends on the support we can get through people like you. People who understand and have compassion for our beautiful wildlife.

AND if you would like to visit your adopted Koala in person, you can come see them at our Zoo any day of the year, except Christmas Day! (Entry cost required.)