Want to cuddle a snake?

At Billabong Zoo, we have all kinds of snakes including: Boa Constrictor, Common Death Adder, Albino Darwin Carpet Python, Spotted Python, Carpet Python, Woma Python, Coastal Taipan, Inland Taipan and Red Bellied Black snake.

Book one of our popular snake holds for a mere $10 – you’ll be wrapped holding one of our non-venomous snakes.

Let’s tell you about our Boa Constrictor. Did you know that these beautiful creatures rank among the longest snakes in the world?  They’re called constrictors because they squeeze (or constrict) their prey to death – as they are not venomous.  Our favourite resident snake is called Connie (for that reason) though there is little reason for her to constrict her prey as she is very well-fed!

Boa Constrictors are found in South and Central America.  They grow throughout their entire life which is about 20 to 30 years. An adult Boa will generally weigh more than 45 kilos and grow to about 4 metres long. They tend to live alone right from when they are born as it’s instinctual for them to seek prey and survive.

What else do you know about our Boas? Complete our short quiz below (answers in our zoo Reptopia House when you come and visit):

  1. What are Boa Constrictors also known as?
  2. How many baby snakes does a female produce each litter?
  3. What’s the average size of an adult Boa?
  4. Where do Boas usually ambush their prey from?

Visit the zoo and ask our keepers all your reptilian questions, book our snake personal animal encounter and post your photos to your social media page for all your mates to see.

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