New Koala Joeys

Some new little faces have started popping out of their pouch to say hi at the Billabong Zoo, Koala & Wildlife Park.

In our Koala Breeding Centre, which was first established in 1995; Mums Denise and Hollie have each welcomed a boy to the growing zoo family and for visitors who’ve booked a personal koala encounter, they’re being treated to an extra special experience getting to see these cute little guys up close.

Did you know when koalas are born, they’re roughly the size of a jellybean, with no hair, no ears and are blind?

These tiny joeys will stay in the mother’s pouch for around six months or so before popping their heads out, it takes them this long to completely develop.  

The joey stays with its mother for another six or more months after first emerging from the pouch. During this important time, the joey will learn to grasp leaves and eat a small amount. They’ll often dart back into the pouch to hide or sleep until they can no longer fit, at which time they’ll start riding on Mum’s back. Usually by the time the joey is 1 year of age it will be fully independent.

If you’re yet to see a koala joey in real life, come and visit the Koala Breeding Centre at Billabong Zoo. We’re open daily from 9am to 5p­­­m. While you’re visiting be sure to pop over to our new outdoor koala yard, where you’ll spot last year’s joeys soaking up the sunshine.

Should you wish to get up close and personal with our koala’s and the new joey boys, you’re welcome to book an animal encounter with them. Bookings online are essential.

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