Monkeying around at Billabong Zoo

Not only do we have plenty to do for our visitors to monkey around at the Zoo, we now have some mischievous little monkeys, called Common Marmosets that have taken up residence here.  These little monkeys are as cute as can be, nipping around in their new fancy enclosure with speed and agility.

Here are some fun facts about our little monkeys:

  • Their name ‘marmoset’ comes from the French word ‘marmouset’ meaning ‘dwarf’, or ‘little’.
  • They are also called the Cotton Eared Marmoset.
  • It’s one of the smallest species of monkeys.
  • Native to the scrub forest and drier Atlantic forest of north eastern Brazil but also introduced into other areas.
  • On average males weigh 250 grams, about the weight of an avocado and the females weigh even less.
  • They are very social and can create large groups, normally 9, but up to 15 in a troupe with a good social structure that keeps them in line.
  • In the wild they eat spiders, tree sap, bird eggs, and small vertebrates. At the zoo their fave food includes bananas, grapes and meal worms but they also like broccoli, cauliflower and carrots! 

We’re also expecting some other new arrivals to join our little monkeys soon that may include Golden Lion Tamarins, Pigmy Marmosets and Cotton Top Tamarins. Once they have settled in we will be offering our visitors a chance to book personalised animal encounters that will provide ways to get up close and personal with these amazing little critters.

So make sure you come along and see our new Zoo family additions soon and put us on your regular to do list.