Face-to-face with a Fennec Fox

For the first time ever in Australia, you can get face-to-face with a Fennec Fox at Billabong Zoo Koala & Wildlife Park.

The very cute and inquisitive Dahni has been winning over zoo visitor’s hearts since the school holidays, when the up-close personal encounters first became available. This once in a life-time experience is only offered for a limited time as Dahni is being babysat by the Billabong Zoo before he heads to his new home just in time for spring.

Nine-month-old Dahni’s confidence and affection stemmed from being hand-raised, which unlike in the wild, Fennec Foxes are timid and flighty because they are preyed upon by bigger species like birds of prey.

Fennec Foxes are the world’s smallest fox and are classed as canines, however Dahni has similar characteristics to a cat. He plays like a cat and eats like a cat, with his favourite treats being cat kibble.

“Oh my, what big ears you have!”

One of the biggest distinctive features you will notice are their extremely large ears which can grow 6 inches in length, giving them the largest ear to body ratio among all canines. These big ears have impeccable hearing to locate underground prey and act like vents to expel heat to cool them in their natural desert habitat.

These nocturnal cuties have thick fur for warmth through the night, and upon close inspection of their paws, you will see they are completely covered in fur to protect their pads from the heat of the desert sand.

You can learn more about the Fennec Fox on a visit to Billabong Zoo, you will find Dahni next to the zoo’s long-term resident Fennec Foxes Akoke and Shendi.

Be sure to book your personal animal encounter in advance, as Dahni is only visiting until the end of August. During your up-close encounter you will have the opportunity to feed Dahni and he will most likely snuggle up on your lap for a sweet little happy snap. Bookings online are essential. You can also take home a memento from the zoo gift shop with the popular Fennec Fox plush toys readily available.