9.30am &  3.45pm (NB the 9.30am Up-close Encounter must be booked at least the day before)
$65 per person
Age: 9 years and over, tickets for children under 9 years can be booked when a paying adult is accompanying them. (ie $65 for one child and $65 for one adult)
Maximum 4 people.

Pat a koala and get really close. Your Zoo Keeper will tell you all about these adorable Aussie icons, now sadly under threat as a vulnerable species. Participants will then have some personal one-on-one time with one of our koalas while syringe feeding them. You will also hear about our world-renowned breeding programme. Don’t forget to charge up your camera/video for some great photos.

Encounter Guidelines:

  • Just prior to your Encounter, it is ESSENTIAL to please wash your hands in the bathroom and do NOT touch your face.
  • You will be asked to sanitise your hands again by the keepers BEFORE and AFTER your animal encounter.

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