Limited Edition: Billabong Zoo Calendar 2020

Produced by our regular visitors, Carole Grant AFIAP, FAPS & Jennifer Baker.

Carole & Jennifer

Both passionate about photography and animals, Carole & Jennifer have been visiting Billabong Zoo since 2015. These very talented photographers became friends at the Koala Hospital where they both volunteer.

Their love of wildlife and nature brings them to Billabong Zoo every Tuesday to sit, watch and capture special moments. Every day is different as our animals each have their own personalities and do quirky things. 

When it all started 

Carole received her first camera from her cousin when she was young and ever since then became interested in photography with her passion in taking photos of animals, especially close ups. She has always loved animals because of their calming effect. Carole’s photographic training can be attributed to being a member of The Wodonga Albury Camera Club & The Australian Photographic Society. She has the enthusiasm to improve her skills so that is why you will see her spending a lot of time with each subject. It’s all about patience and waiting for THAT shot. Over many years she entered National and International Photographic Exhibitions with a number of her images winning awards.

Jennifer’s passion for photography began at an early age with a much treasured ‘box brownie’ camera.  Photographing animals is what she enjoys most, because every species is so unique and special. “When you are behind the lens you are always on the lookout for something interesting or beautiful, so it really makes you appreciate nature and our animals even more”.

Favourite animals 

Carole’s favourite animals are definitely the lions, maybe because she is a Leo... but then has a long list of other animals she enjoys capturing in her photos, including koalas, meerkats, cheetahs and our recent arrivals, the marmosets. Having Billabong Zoo in Port Macquarie is ROARSOME :O)

Jennifer says it’s just too hard to decide on a favourite, from a tiny blue dragonfly to the majestic snow leopard, she loves them all. “Of course we are always excited when babies are born at Billabong Zoo. Watching Milo and Misty grow then become parents has definitely been a highlight for us.”

Carole and Jennifer’s images can be seen around the zoo at various exhibits and also on our Zoo brochure.

Billabong Zoo Calendars 

Carole and Jennifer love to share their images for all to enjoy, so last year asked Billabong Zoo if they would like a calendar showcasing their animals. This unique calendar is only available for sale here at Billabong Zoo. All proceeds from these calendars go to the Kevin Richardson Foundation this year and is testament to their love of animals. 

Kevin Richardson Foundation 

In the last 80 years the wild lion population has declined from 450,000 to between 15,000 and 20,000. In the last 20 years the wild lion population has decreased by 43%. 
The Kevin Richardson Foundation relies on donations only and is not government funded to: 

•    Protect land and expand natural lion habitats. 
•    Educate and empower communities surrounding conservation areas. 
•    Create a worldwide community of lion conservation collaborators. 
•    Maintain and protect the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary and its lions.

To donate directly, visit the website.

Or if you would like to buy one of these unique and beautiful Billabong Zoo calendars featuring only our animals, all proceeds will go to these majestic but endangered cats. 
Come to our Billabong Zoo shop and buy your limited edition for only $12.50! Our shop and café are open to the public.